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“Bringing companies and homes cleaner space and peace of mind through our disinfection program"

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Taskmoby has been working with customers to ensure the necessary processes are in place to minimize the risk of infection at their sites.

Many companies are now working to understand how to properly reopen their offices in a way that protects their employees' health and safety and their company's growth.

At Taskmoby, our team of cleaning professionals has the experience and resources to provide you a custom solution with the health and safety of your organization in mind. We offer ‘step-up cleaning’, a high-frequency cleaning to disinfect high-touch areas. These high touchpoint areas within your workplace include, but not limited to elevator buttons, doorknobs, desk phones, office light switches, keyboards, and desks. Taskmoby has over 700 trained professionals in Disinfection and can accommodate any space in Addis Ababa. We also provide service outside of Addis Ababa on a case by case basis.

Through our leading-edge sustainable solutions, we are able to deliver an infection prevention program to kill viruses such as Coronavirus thus making workplaces healthier, improving productivity and easing the customers' and employees' minds. This is provided for an affordable price.

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Our Previous Clients Includes
- Ethiopian Ministry of Tourism and Culture
- Land Bank And Development Corporation
- UAE Embassy
- and 1500 Other Happy Customers


Where Taskmoby is requested to provide cleaning and disinfection aimed at reducing the presence of biological contaminants, such as Covid-19, it is understood that Taskmoby cannot guarantee that any particular virus and/or bacteria will be eliminated, or that future transmission will be prevented. Therefore, upon instructing Taskmoby to undertake disinfection service, the customer acknowledges and agrees that Taskmoby shall have no liability whatsoever.


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