Taskmoby Application is a product of Africa 118 that deals with connecting qualified service providers with users in need of their services in their area.  The product works on a demand basis where people in need make the requests online through the application or offline by calling the Customer care number 8191.

Having been launched in Ethiopia in December 2018, the application was put to a pilot phase where we received a positive feedback from the locals who started making requests for the services. The services highly demanded are electrical and plumbing services. Over time, the application aims to open up to even more categories for the public and make it easy to solve the common issues experienced at home.

Another positive aspect is that, the Taskmoby Application shows a good feedback as more vocationally trained youths seem open to it as it helps them have access more jobs and create their independence. This in turn helps reduce the unemployment rates in Ethiopia, and reduce the have been thought that to make an income you need to be employed. The application makes it possible for the service providers to work at their own time and helps them manage themselves more effectively and earn a living.

The efforts of Taskmoby have not gone unnoticed as we were recently recognized by Addis Ababa Construction Bureau (AACB), a body of the government that works to offer training and certifications for the vocationally trained, and University graduates, in the construction and consulting fields. AACB helps send out qualified people to the market and Taskmoby provides a platform that makes it possible for them to access these jobs.

AACB and Taskmoby having similar goals, decided to form a partnership to help all this come out to play in a very seamless way. On Saturday, March 9th, 2019, the two organizations signed an MOU to begin working together with this common agenda, creating more jobs for the youth in the construction industry.

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