Taskmoby is pleased to partner up with LIWAY and Mercy Corps Youth Impact Lab in training and deploying 1000 Women and Youth in providing disinfection services across Addis Ababa for offices, factories, vehicles and other public spaces (Other parts of Ethiopia can also be covered based on demand). This opportunity creates job opportunities for women and youth who have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic. According to Wordlometers, one of the most updated coronavirus sources, Ethiopia has reached over 4000 cases. By using Taskmoby Disinfection Services, you are supporting these women and reducing the spread of COVID 19.

You can hear our Project Lead, Yonas Abeje, speak about COVID-19’s impact and how Taskmoby is contributing towards reducing it and creating job opportunities on NRK following this link https://radio.nrk.no/?fbclid=I... (disclaimer – Norwegian language)

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