Taskmoby: Today, Taskmoby and the project LI-WAY (Livelihood Improvement for Women And Youth) announces the Covid-19 Response Intervention created as a response to the socio-economic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. TaskMoby in collaboration with Mercy Corps, in partnerships with Save the Children, SNV, Techno Serve and funded by SIDA initiated the Covid-19 Response project to respond to two major questions posed by COVID-19 in today’s dynamics. In an anticipation to solve the challenges of women and youth who have been affected economically by the pandemic by creating 765 job/employment opportunities while mitigating the health effect it has on the society, the project seeks to help communities to better deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TaskMoby is the first digital marketplace in Ethiopia that connects customers with home service providers using mobile application and hotline systems 8191. In collaboration with Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian aid organization that seeks to tackle various forms of economic, environmental, social and political instabilities and Funded by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency), a governmental agency working on behalf of the Swedish government with the mission to reduce poverty in the world. Partnered with Save the Children, TECHNOSERVE and SNV, LIWAY project is targeted at creating new and scalable jobs for domestic workers and help greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19. It will also enable businesses to remain operational due to the reduced risk of vulnerability to the virus. 

The Project Director said “following the first case reports of COVID-19 since first week of March 2020 in Ethiopia, fear of the disease spread is immense and business activities has fallen drastically, particularly in Addis Ababa. For instance, 88% of hotels in Addis Ababa are closed or partially closed; there is a current need to tackle this issue to help stabilize our communities economically”.  By the disinfection of various communities with an anticipated reach of 10,000 beneficiaries, the project seeks to empower young men and women affected by the pandemic in gaining the requisite skills in combating the virus in various communities. 

Taskmoby believes this to be successful and beneficial to both affected domestic workers and businesses in Addis-Ababa, Covid-19 Response will undergo 2 major phases,

1.  Selected individuals will first be equipped with the necessary skills by Taskmoby in collaboration with largest Scandinavian Facility Service Management organization (ISS Norway) to enable them best delivery on the project 

2.  The second phase sought to provide the trainees with the right tools and materials/equipment needed to deliver on the project like starter kits and disinfection kits 

3. The third phase is to deploy these trainees via leveraging Taskmoby’s digital platform into various communities to help reduce risk of infection and scale up economic activities.